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   Devils Texture Maps : Last updated on 11th June 1999

Many of the textures here were sourced Courtesy Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Copyright (c) California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. All rights reserved. Visit their site at the link below:

Planet Maps files are now stored on a faster, more reliable server thanks to:



As the combined Maps are approx 30MEG in size, this is extremely generous.

From here you can Download a variety of TEXTURES (the 'skin' of an object [or MESH as its better known]) as well as Bump Maps, Reflection Maps, and much more! Each TEXTURE is saved in either .jpg or .gif format, and are designed for specific use with the super rendering program 3D STUDIO MAX 2.5 although they are no doubt compatible with any other Rendering Package that uses standard images in the texturing process.

At present, I only have a selection of Planetary and StarMap textures available, but others such as starship hulls and various landscape textures will be added in the near future.

How to:

Simply select a planet or starsystem in the menu to the left, and a list of images will appear, from which you can select the map you want to Download. Clicking on the YELLOW link will load the fullsize image in a set pop-up window, and you simple need to right-click your mouse button on the fullsize image and select 'Save Image As...' to aquire it.
(There is a mirror link in
GREY as a backup in case the image fails to load.)

Thanks to the serverspace provided by Nick Bacon, you should no longer experience dead links or time-outs, however, If you have any problems Downloading any images, please email me and let me know.

Good rendering, and should you need that little bit of helpful advice, I suggest you visit SCIFI-ART.COM as they have an excellent tutorials section, as well as a very helpful bulletin board.